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Nine high-tech gadgets shaping the future of in-flight entertainment

In today’s age of constant innovation, you never need to be bored on a flight again. The latest gadgets reimagine how we spend our in-flight hours. Here are the coolest tech toys that can make your sci-fi fantasies a reality.

1. Wi-Fi in the sky

Wi-Fi is one of the greatest innovations for the in-flight experience and the Wi-Fi of today is faster than ever before. Internet access is offered on some commercial aircraft, but speeds can be as low as nine mbps for the entire plane. Many private jet charter flights, on the other hand, have onboard Wi-Fi that you won’t need to share with anyone. Passengers can hold conference calls, stream video or watch live television just as fast as if they were on the ground.

2. Lightning-fast tablets

Arguably the best tablet on the market today is the Apple iPad Pro 10.5. The upgraded iteration of the classic offers one of the best screens in the industry: an incredibly high-resolution retina display for beautiful images. The iPad Pro comes with the most advanced mobile operating system in the world and four speakers for excellent sound. What’s more, new ProMotion technology makes the screen easier to navigate than ever before. It’s an essential tool for all frequent fliers.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones

Disposable headphones are a thing of the past. Instead, the latest gadgets offer superior sound quality and a sleek look. Beoplay H8i Noise-Cancelling Headphones by Danish company Bang & Olufsen are among the best on the market. In addition to exceptional noise cancelling technology, these wireless headphones offer crisp sound, a long battery life and a sleek look in either black or tan. Turn on the noise cancelling feature to take a nap while the kids play.

4. Bluetooth speakers

As you’re flying by private jet charter, there’s no need to keep your music to yourself. If you’d like to play music or a movie that your friends can hear, too, the finest (and loudest) bluetooth speaker on the market is the Devialet Gold Phantom. While you won’t need to crank it all the way up to 108 decibels, its clarity and precision are top-of-the-line. These speakers can easily connect to your phone, laptop or tablet.

5. Robotic luggage

A woman in blue jeans and a red plaid shirt stands next to a white suitcase
A woman in blue jeans and a red plaid shirt stands next to a white suitcase

Put lugging luggage behind you with Travelmate’s robotic suitcase, which is controlled through a smartphone app and can even latch on to other less-advanced suitcases and pull them along for the ride. Travelmate can navigate crowds and move autonomously, so you always know it’s next to you. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and you can use it to charge your phone and other devices on the go.

6. High-tech portable workout equipment

If you’re worried your frequent flying is cutting into your gym time, this is the gadget for you. The Cubii Pro is a bluetooth-enabled elliptical that’s designed to fit under a desk, but can just as easily be brought onto a private jet. Its technology is so quiet that it won’t disturb your travel companions and it provides a more compact range of motion than its competitors, so pedalling won’t interrupt your workflow or movie-watching.

7. Virtual reality headsets

A man wearing a Virtual Reality headset
A man wearing a Virtual Reality headset

For high-tech travellers looking to bring their in-flight entertainment to the next level, the VR headset to get is the HTC Vive Pro. This high-tech headset gives users a totally immersive experience in a virtual world. It’s among the most expensive headsets on the market, but for serious VR fans who want the best of the best, there’s no better choice. The headset is designed for comfort – perfect for a long flight – and its world-class screen delivers rich colours and a lifelike display for a 360-degree experience like no other.

8. Electronic notepads

If you prefer to take notes the old-fashioned way, it doesn’t mean your technology needs to be old-fashioned. The Moleskine Smart Writing Set immediately transfers handwritten notes to your device, allowing you to share them with your colleagues, sync them with your planner or sketch out drawings to use in presentations. If you don’t have Wi-Fi in the air, you can save your notes offline and sync them as soon as you’re connected.

9. Portable projectors

Turn a private jet charter with kids into a personal cinema experience with the CINEMOOD 3-in-1 Magic Cinema. This compact device acts as a projector and sound system for a theatre experience anywhere. The CINEMOOD comes pre-loaded with a selection of Disney videos and other kid-friendly flicks, so no internet connection is required. It’s also easy to upload your own content or stream Netflix if you’re on Wi-Fi.

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